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Baby Steps to Innovation

Baby Steps to Innovation Baby Steps to Innovation Baby Steps to InnovationMechanical engineer Henry Thorne didnt have designs on entering the baby product businessbut the clear need and numbers became obvious to him. As he says, there arent just millions of babies born every year, there are millions of gifts exchanged at the parties in honor of those babies. Many of which, Thorne found, can be designed and produced better. Hence, hes a co-founder of 4moms. When you picture the struggles of trying to get a family outing together complete with baby equipment, its easy to see where a mechanical engineer can come in. Take 4moms origami stroller. With the concept of unfolding and folding with ease in mind, the designers prioritized getting in and out of the car and on yur way as fast as possible with the comforts you want. It may seem simple to the eye but getting to the right design was a different story. We went through a number of potenzial designs, actually developing them pretty far, Thorne says. We had two strollers that compacted and were mechanically motorized at folding pretty well. None of them knocked our socks off though. About two years into the process, Thorne says he analyzed it from the mechanical view of prismatic (telescoping) and rotational joints. I went through an analysis that tried every possible position of each of the two types of joints, he says. And there were nine different places for each of the two types of joints which generated, I think, 13,000 possible stroller designs. He whittled the possible designs down by concentrating on aspects such as cost-effectiveness and compactness of folding.The origami stroller. Image They settled on the origami design, which maintained the concept of lightness, even down to the size of the main drive motor in the stroller being just a little bigger than a D cell battery, he says. The tubes are all aluminum, but Thorne said a stroller of theirs could be a candidate for carbon fiber or magnesiu m and that theyre at least thinking about it. In the end, the origami, he says, is really a robot, with sensors taking data that are causing actuations through intelligence. Thorne even brings up similarities between the product and a car when you consider brakes, lights, and even cup holders. Another invention Thorne worked on was the breeze playard, which can allow for a set-up on the go for playing or sleeping. Admittedly, he experienced his share of failure along the way. One worked but made an awful smashing sound as you opened and closed it while another also worked but was too heavy. The 74-bar linkage product produced today, he says, partly succeeds because of a design principle he believes in tension is better than compression. Still, like the aforementioned origami, it took years from first concept to getting it on the market. As far as future products hes involved in, Thorne says look for one that automates installing a car seat to remove possible human error. Keeping in mind that the majority of car seats are installed incorrectly, the thought is not just to do it right but to remove a parents anxiety. After all, parents sometimes need pacifying, too. Eric Butterman is an independent writer. For Further Discussion We went through a number of potential designsWe had two strollers that compacted and were mechanically motorized at folding pretty well. None of them knocked our socks off though.Henry Thorne, co-founder, 4moms

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Millennials think paying for streaming services means they are adults

Millennials think paying for streaming services means they are adultsMillennials think paying for streaming services means they are adultsAdulting is getting mora difficult. Nearly half of young Americans (48%) say they have experienced a quarter-life crisis as they fail to meet financial goals expected of them, according to a new survey released by TD Ameritrade.The survey polled mora than 3,000 U.S. adults and teens ages 15 and older, (a third Gen Z, a third young Millennials, aged 22-28, and a third parents, ages 30-60) and found that young adults are caught in between expectations and whats financially possible for them. The financial goals that were possible for their parents or for generations before them arent always possible now.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreLagging behind financiallyYoung Americans are expected to be financially independent by 22, on average. However, one in five Millennials expect to rely on their parents for money into their 30s. A full 92% of parents expect their children to be financially independent by age 25.On average, young millennials say its not embarrassing to receive parental financial support until age 30. Meanwhile, parents think its embarrassing if kids are still receiving help from the bank of mom and dad past the age of 27.Perhaps all this support is ok after all, 77% of parents surveyed agreed with the statement, My child is my best friend. And 63% of Gen Z/young Millennials said that their parents were their best friends. So share and share alike, right?Meanwhile, one in five young Millennials stay they cant afford to save anything at all. And 35% are only saving $51-$200, plus 27% saving $201-%500.Meanwhile, the number of young Americans who say they are not currently saving money has increased by 10% in the past two years.The younger generations shouldnt be so hard on themselves, experts say.In todays socio -economic climate where years of stagnant wages meet hustle culture, its easy to understand why some young Americans feel theyre falling short of achieving their high financial ambitions, said Chris Bohlsen, director of Investor Services at TD Ameritrade. But as the concept of adulting continues to evolve, so should young Americans thoughts and attitudes toward their financial expectations and milestones. Even though wage growth has started to improve and the job market is better than it has been in years, what may have been realistic for their parents or even older siblings still may not be now.Still expect to do better than their parentsHowever, despite their struggles more than half of American young people (58% of Gen Zs and 52% of young millennials) predict that theyll be more financially successful than their parents.These generations define wealth a little more differently than their folks did 63% of Gen Z and 64% of young Millennials agreed with the statement Wealth today i s more defined by the way you live than the amount of money you have.A generation lost in spaceYoung Americans are expected to start saving for retirement by age 23, but only 28% of young millennials over 23 have started saving for retirement.Theyre expected to get married and have a child by 25, but men are getting married by 30, women by 28 and American women generally have their first child by 27.Theyre expected to a full-time job, pay their own phone bill and move out from their parents home by 20, and buy a home by 27, but Americans are buying their first homes at 32, on average.The traditional status markers are lost on this generation.So What makes an adult these days?According to the survey results, young Americans believe that paying for streaming services is now one of the first markers of modern adulthood and they typically do it at the age of 19.So now you know. Do you know they pay for their own Spotify? Thats a full-fledged adult, right there.

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A GM engineers advice for people considering STEM careers

A GM engineers advice for people considering STEM careersA GM engineers advice for people considering STEM careersAlex Archer loves teamwork. A former college athlete - including for her alma mater, Stanfords, gymnastics and sailing team - shes found collaboration to be a primary motivator in her life both personally and professionally. Certainly, shes found it to be one of her favorite things about General Motors, where she works as a Design Release Engineer.Because Im on a program team, everyone has the same goals and provides support to one another, she explained. It makes you want to work harder, and our team feels like a family.Working toward a common goal with others, she says, grounds her. But just because the goal may be common doesnt mean it needs to be one-dimensional another thing Archer loves about her field of product entwurf is that it opens itself well to creative thinking and varying skill sets.STEM is a more embracing area than most, because people are passionate a bout it and so much of STEM is about working together, she said. You dont have to be a mathematician - there are also creative areas. Theres a place for everyone, and in this field, passion goes a long way.Archer recently shared with Fairygodboss her favorite aspects of life at GM, as well as her two biggest pieces of advice to young people considering STEM careers - check them out belowHow long have you been in your current role, and what were you doing previously?I joined General Motors in 2015 fresh out of Stanford. GMs Virtual Performance Integration Manager, Bob Geisler, came to campus during my senior year, and after talking to him, I knew I wanted to apply for a job here. That soon came to fruition, and my first role at GM was as an Interior Studio Designing Engineer, where my primary role was creating and providing criteria to creative designers. A year later, I moved to my current role as Interiors Design Release Engineer. From the beginning, Ive felt extremely valued her e and a great sense of belonging.What sparked your interest in design thinking?Initially, I went to Stanford as a collegiate gymnast with the intent of pursuing a pre-medical degree. But then, my freshman year, I took a design thinking class and fell in love. We made 3D puzzles and also created a Rube Goldberg Machine that set off a series of movements and reactions. I liked the mix of mechanical, hands-on work, and design, and I decided to change my major to product design.I felt all the more certain about this decision after helping my grandpa rebuild the engine of a 1937 MG-TA and, shortly after that, joining Stanfords Solar Car team. My grandpa and I took apart the entire engine, cleaned the parts, and made new gaskets and a new oil filter. I really learned how important it was to be exact. For the first time I thought, wow, I could do something with cars in the future. With Solar Car, I made the decision to join Stanfords team to see how interested Id be in automotive. I learne d how to run failure analyses, model in SolidWorks, and machine parts in-house. Coming to GM, my experience in SolidWorks helped me get the job as a studio designing engineer and proved to be an even bigger advantage in my current role as a DRE.What drives you at work, and what keeps you interested?Theres so much opportunity at GM. Even though GM is one company, theres a chance to change careers and have new experiences. Im also driven by my mentors. Because Im on a program team, everyone has the same goals and provides support to one another. It makes you want to work harder and our team feels like a family, which is nice being so far from home.What about outside of work?I love to travel. During my first year at GM alone, I traveled to Switzerland, Iceland, and Hawaii, and Ive also made the trip home to Newport Beach (California) several times. Im so happy with the amount of vacation and work-life balance that GM offers.In my spare time, I also restore cars. Im currently working on a 1955 Packard Clipper Constellation I purchased off a vintage car website in 2016. I re-built the carburetor, replaced all the brake lines, rebuilt the brake cylinder and brake drums, and after about a year, got the engine running to driving conditionYou yourself are a mentor to FIRST Robotics students. Can you talk a little more about the importance of mentorship - who has been impactful in your life and career?Ive always had mentors at GM. My first mentor, Mike Orth, retired, but he really helped me when I first started. Hed take the time to not only explain things, but help me gain confidence by pushing me to try solving issues in new ways while always being there to look over it before I presented or submitted my ideas. He also used his spare time to teach me about the history of GM and the automotive industry, which helped me both understand and challenge current processes today.For me personally, mentoring a FIRST Robotics team has been so fun. The students absorb everythin g you say and are so interested in academia and the field of engineering, that going to meet the team is always a highlight of my day. Even though its not for a grade, the students are incredibly passionate, and you learn a lot about yourself when mentoring others. Also, my team won for the first time last year, which is really excitingAs a college athlete - first as a gymnast and then, following an injury, as a member of Stanfords sailing team - youve had experience overcoming obstacles and changing direction. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?Id give myself two pieces of advice. First, start slow. My freshman year was crazy I took way too many hard classes and was in such a new environment. I could never have prepared myself for that. My whole life, people telling me I couldnt do things has always pushed me harder. But you shouldnt always feel that way you dont need to prove yourself to anyone if you know youre doing your best.Second, Id tell myse lf that theres always tomorrow. This was important when I first started my career. When you work at your own pace, things will develop. Sometimes you need to be patient.What would you say to a young person whos interested in STEM, but is unsure of intimidated about getting started and finding opportunities?Get involved in extracurricular activities related to STEM. FIRST Robotics, for example, is incredible and something I didnt know about before Michigan. Other programs like Solar Car, Ecocar, SAE - these are all organizations where theres always peers and people to meet who are also passionate about STEM. STEM is a more embracing area than most, because people are passionate about it and so much of STEM is about working together.Id also tell them to shadow mentors. Especially if youre in Detroit, reach out to GM. You dont have to be a mathematician - there are also creative areas. Thats why I love product design its a mix of engineering and creativity. But the most important thi ng is to not be afraid. Theres a place for everyone, and in this field, passion goes a long way.A version of this post previously appeared onFairygodboss, the largest career community that helps women get the inside scoop on pay, corporate culture, benefits, and work flexibility. Founded in 2015, Fairygodboss offers company ratings, job listings, discussion boards, and career advice.

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How to Write a Performance Self-Review (Template) - The Muse

How to Write a Performance Self-Review (Template) - The MuseHow to Write a Performance Self-Review (Template) Ah, wertmiger zuwachs review season Hopefully youre hopping into this stretch with a confident step. But, if youre not thats normal, too- youll probably want to read this and this to get your nerves under control. Odds are that youre reading this because youve been asked to write a self-review before your formal one. Or, if not that, your boss is sending vague requests like, Plan on discussing your progress this year. Bring a few examples on paper.This can be intimidating- maybe youre not sure what to talk about, or maybe youre a horrible writer and cant imagine churning out complete sentences about yourself, or maybe youre unsure of how honest you should really be.Dont stress- heres everything you need to know.Whats a Self-Review?As the name suggests, this is your opportunity to look back on and document your past performance as well as pave the way for future growth and opp ortunity in your current role.What makes a good self-review? One thats honest and admits both your wins and any shortcomings- and not just if there were shortcomings, but how you grew from them and how you would do things differently, says The Muses Director of HR Shannon Fitzgerald.Why Do Companies Do Them?No one knows what you do on a daily basis better than you, so companies want to hear it straight from you. Since its considered in tandem with your managers review (and sometimes even peer reviews), it helps HR see whether youre keeping up with your responsibilities and if any red flags need to be addressed. And, it brings in an element of fairness by letting you tell your story (and not just taking your managers ja genau for it).Were looking to see consistency between the manager and employee. If the manager says one thing and the employee says another thing then theres a disconnect that we need to intervene, says Fitzgerald.HR might also look for trends. Has the employee mentio ned a certain type of feedback several times? Or hinted at getting a promotion for the past couple cycles? These signs are worth looking into.HR might also look for trends. Has the employee mentioned a certain type of feedback several times? Or hinted at getting a promotion for the past couple cycles? These signs are worth looking into.Your manager is also looking at your self-review to see how you want to grow. So, the more you can provide, the easier itll be for your boss to take action and help you get there.How Will it Benefit Me?For one thing, its a great way to track your accomplishments and goals and have them all in one place.For another thing, its a nice perspektive for you to become more self-aware. By having to actually list out what youve done, where you want to be, and how youll get there, youre putting your career into perspective and giving yourself a chance to really carve out your path.Maybe youre struggling to work well with your boss, or prioritize assignments, or hit deadlines. You can use your self-review as a chance to explain yourself but also bring these problems to light so they can be resolved.Finally, its a great jumping off point for improving a challenging situation. Maybe youre struggling to work well with your boss, or prioritize assignments, or hit deadlines. You can use your self-review as a chance to explain yourself but also bring these problems to light so they can be resolved.How Do You Go About Writing One?Chances are if youre asked to complete a self-review, HR has given you some direction or prompt to get departureed.However, if thats not the case, these questions are a great place to startWhat projects have you enjoyed working on the most, and why?What projects are you most proud of?What are the things youve learned?What are some things you would have done differently looking back?What has your boss done to help you do your job better? What could they do differently? Did you receive any feedback during the review period , either from your boss or your peers, that resonated with you? Why?What upcoming projects are you excited about?Do you feel like youre adding skills to your resume? If not, what would you like to add?What areas would you want more feedback on?If you walk into your meeting with solid answers to the above when your boss just asked you to start thinking about the wins and losses of the past year, youll instantly look like someone who takes their career seriously and should be considered an all-star on the team.Now, in terms of actually putting pen to paper, Fitzgerald suggests starting with bullet points and building a story from there. If youre not sure what youve done, turn to documentation for reference- emails, your calendar, meeting agendas, to-do lists, notes from your check-ins or one-on-ones. If youre not sure what youve done, turn to documentation for reference- emails, your calendar, meeting agendas, to-do listsIn addition, if you work collaboratively, email a few co-workers and ask them what accomplishments they can think of off the top of their head (and if you want to win all the self-awareness points, also ask them what area they think you can most improve in skills and training, organization, or communication).Plus, you should always look back on the last review and what you said you would do, adds Fitzgerald. Have you accomplished any of those goals?Its also helpful to talk it over with someone, she suggests. Talk to a friend about it, and after you organize your thoughts itll be easier to just regurgitate on paper. And it doesnt have to be done in one sitting. As soon as youre done, wait and read it again the next morning and see if it still holds true.The last point is key Make sure youve looked it over with fresh eyes before submitting it.Oh, and another point- dont lie. One, because your company cant help with what they dont know. And two, youre human, so you definitely have room to grow and your boss probably has a few thoughts on those area s. So, you look far more professional if you point them out before they do. Ive had people say, Why wouldnt I just always put a glowing review? Why would I want my manager to think any less of me? But if you put something really glowing but you have areas you need to improve on, it may just look like you have a potentially serious blindspot, says Fitzgerald.Not to mention, a perfect review also puts you in a tough place- youll never be able to live up to it. So, its just easier to be honest and transparent.Want a little more help? We made this taschentelefon self-review worksheet thatll make it way easier to get your thoughts on paper.

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How to Connect With Your Board of Directors - The Muse

How to Connect With Your Board of Directors - The MuseHow to Connect With Your Board of Directors A nonprofits board of directors is responsible for the welfare of the organization, and most of the members probably got involved because they care about the nonprofits mission and the work its employees (read you) do every day. But unless youre the executive director, you may not have any kind of relationship with your board. That can be a big mistake. Knowing your board members is about much more than rubbing elbows with the head honchos. They need to be aware of whats going on in the organization day-to-day, and you can gain key insight into the organizations goals and vision (and how you may fit into it). Now, you do need to be realistic about your interactions with the board. As an intern, for example, you shouldnt expect to have weekly lunches with the board chair. However, there are a few key ways you can- and should- be building relationships with board members.1. Attend Board Me etingsThe most obvious place to talk to a board member is (surprise) at a board meeting. Nonprofit board meetings are supposed to be public, and staff should be allowed to join (except for the executive session, when the board discusses salaries and other confidential matters). If your organization doesnt typically have open meetings, ask your supervisor if you can sit in on a meeting, explaining that youd like to learn more about the board. In my first nonprofit job, I was responsible for taking minutes at board meetings. I learned a lot about the organization, the different members, and how to take minutes (pro tip you dont need to record every word). Generally speaking, you shouldnt ask questions during the meeting, but you should feel free to discuss any questions with members during the break or afterward as you make small talk. Not only will this enforce a positive impression of you, but youll also serve as a good reminder of the daily impact that the boards decisions make on the staff. 2. Provide UpdatesCopying the board on an email that includes positive feedback that you got from a client or reports on a recent goal that you met can remind board members of the real-world implications of their work. It will also put you in a good light by showcasing your sternfrmig performance. I realized at a recent job that the board was clueless about the true scope of our organizations programming. With my boss blessing, I put together a brief summary about our progress. Not only was the board impressed by everything we did, but the email also armed them with talking points for when they approached funders and other VIPs.Theres no magic number as to the number of updates you send, so I suggest that you only do so when theres big nachrichten to report. An unscheduled- but important- email will boost the chances of it being read and taken seriously. Just make sure to get your boss approval before you send that email3. Talk to Them at EventsI went to an event a few ye ars ago for an organization of which I was chair of the board. I introduced myself to the two staff members, they stared at me blankly. I checked in with them later in the evening to see if I could buy them a drink or give them a break from their responsibilities- same response. Needless to say, I was not impressed. I didnt need to chat and giggle with them, but they didnt appear to understand my role at the organization or the role of the other board members, who they roundly ignored. Between all the board members there, we had contacts at every organization in our field in the country. Later, when the staff members tried to move up in their careers, we were consulted for references and couldnt offer their prospective employers a single positive recommendation. Alternatively, a little chitchat would have helped their chances immensely, and a few thoughtful questions about the role of the board or our vision for the future could have made me their champion. The board of directors re presents a wealth of expertise, contacts, and passion. If you can create a solid relationship with them, youll find that it can help you throughout your career. Photo of woman talking courtesy of Shutterstock.

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All About Highschool Resume

All About Highschool Resume If you truly read the admissions guidelines carefully, theres frequently a little footnote or addendum that describes what process you should take should you not own a diploma or transcript. No matter if you take advantage of an expert summary or a resume objective, the space under your heading needs to be employed to summarize the remainder of your resume. The very first section of your resume should consist of information on the way in which the employer can contact you. You must highlight your solid understanding, activities and other details in your resume. Understanding Highschool Resume You are able to gain from the totally free training they supply and get the ability you want to run into a better, lasting occupation once it is going to wind up available. Understanding how to compose a resume is important to showing that youre a strong candidate. Grades and test scores are extremely important, but so is what you opt to do on your own momen t. The Ultimate Highschool Resume Trick You wouldnt require a lot to earn your resignation letter practical and strong. Be provided a receipt that youve delivered your resignation letter. Below you will find a sample resignation letter which will help exemplify the manner in which you ought to render work. So its exceedingly imperative you compose a superior resignation letter ahead of leaving work. Begin by thinking through what information you wish to include. Though you might not have a work history or lengthy collection of impressive degrees, you can surely find something to include. At the same time that you wont be in a fleck to look at the schools resume workshop video without valid Yale login info, you may read its resume advice and take a look at its tremendous collection of resume-friendly action verbs. The majority of the time whilst writing a high school resume, an individual might think whats the usage of mentioning the personal details in the resume. The H istory of Highschool Resume Refuted Show you would like to learn more about receiving the job (if you truly do) Resumes give potential employers a means to learn about applicants quickly and readily, and theyre your very first step toward new job opportunities. Employers already know that you need their job, so instead its much better to compose an elevator pitch at the cover of the page that will assist your possible employer understand you as an individual and remember whats on your resume. They look for staff who have a history of making positive contributions. Therefore, you must design a separate resume based on the profile of the company for each application. You could adhere to the guidelines given in the job resume template here and produce your own resume. When youve secured an undertaking, dont be afraid to change it. Consider what you are going to be putting on your resume, and select your template accordingly. The Appeal of Highschool Resume As a substitute, y ou should tailor your resume for each and every work that you employ for. The foremost important rationale is it sets students out from different students. Another exceptional choice is to just speak to admissions. Who Else Wants to Learn About Highschool Resume? Employers can learn all they will need to understand about a candidate from their school performance, which means that your Education section should reflect well on you. Since you likely dont have a good deal of Work Experience, you can include your Achievements as a distinct section. Career objective is currently probably the most essential parte your restart. Career Objectives are excellent for resumes with a particular purpose. You are able to have the ideal college admissions resume on the planet. If youve got lots of academic experience, youll most likely need to compose an academic CV, not only a normal scholarship resume. Next, you are going to discover how to create a college resume prepared for the big l eagues A student may also include their interests and honors. The Argument About Highschool Resume Everyone was in the very same situation when they were searching for their very first job Virtually every job involves some sort of anxiety. For an entry-level job at a financial institution, cash handling skills will be required. If for no other reason, acquiring the resume will permit you to easily finish all the on-line profiles teams require prospects to finish. Highschool Resume Secrets Just make certain it is totally clean of whatever you wouldnt need a prospective employer to see. Others actually favor resignation letters in a few of sentences in place of expressions. An interview could always result in a future fleck for a math teacher. Professionally, our resumes are often the very first impression a possible employer gets of us. By customizing your resume for the job which you want, you can show employers youve got the abilities and experience theyre searching f or. Students without a work experience should consist of details like interpersonal abilities, achievements at school or college level, hobbies in addition to interests that are related to the job. Make certain that the skills are related to the job which you desire. Write down what skills you used, and the way they may relate to the job that you desire. Therefore, if youre still pursuing your studies or have just completed your high school degrees and are searching for some work then resume for fresher can best fit your need. Either can demonstrate the dean youre more than only an application. Youve precisely what it requires to be successful in college. Theres a lot of competition for jobs for high school students, and that means you need to make certain you stick out from the crowd.

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How to Save Your Hiring Process When Your Company Has a Bad Reputation - Spark Hire

How to Save Your Hiring Process When Your Company Has a Bad Reputation - Spark HireFor better or for worse, online reputation is a major part of running a business these days. A few disgruntled employees or cranky customers can truly torpedo your brand. Not only does this make it mora difficult to gain new customers, it can also make hiring a whole lot harder. If your company is dealing with reputation issues, heres how to make sure your hiring efforts dont sufferDont just hope the comments go awayMany people get so overwhelmed by the presence of negative reviews that they think hiding is the best option. Unfortunately, waiting for these comments to go away simply isnt an effective method of dealing with the situation. A business owner needs to take a proactive approach. Write a response to the comments on the forums where theyre posted. Address them on social media. You could even write a blog post about them on your businesss website. Acknowledge what went wrong in the past, and le t your customers or potential customers know how you plan to fix the problem in the future. When you show that youre not burying your head in the sand, you look strong and engaged, instead of passive and disorganized. This is appealing to a potential hire.Actually make good on these promisesOnce youve made a list of promises about how your business is going to improve, its important to actually act on these changes. If a certain aspect of your business needs to be corrected, do so in a timely fashion, and then follow up with your customer base to let them know that the problem has been addressed. Customers are willing to give businesses a second chance, but if you apologize and promise to change and then dont, they will write you off for good. Potential hires that see this happen will likely move on to another business with a mora prestigious reputation.Let your employees advocate for youHappy employees are your best ambassadors. Treat your employees well and do everything you can t o keep morale within the company high. Give your team members the chance to speak out on your companys behalf. Let them get involved in the recruiting and hiring processes, and value their opinion during these situations.How did you deal with hiring when your company faced negative online reviews or other bad press? Share with us in the commentsImage Jakub Jirsak/